Leading manufacturer of soybean protein-based food products

nutriEstablished in 1997, Celestial NutriFoods is today a leading manufacturer of soybean protein-based food products. Their manufacturing base is in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, where they operate well-equipped modern manufacturing facilities that are NQA-certified. Their manufacturing plants are located in Lindian, and the Soybean Zone Phase 1 where occupy a land area of approximately 430,000 square meters.

Celestial NutriFoods is the only soybean protein-based product manufacturer in Heilongjiang Province invited to co-develop the first phase of the Hi-Tech Soybean Zone project, initiated by the Daqing Government. This has enabled to expand range of products to include soy functional protein, biochemical feedstuff and lecithin.

The soybean protein-based products they produce fall into two main categories – retail and industrial. Under the retail category, our products include health food and beverages, soybean oil, high protein biscuits and lecithin. For industrial category, Celestial produces soy protein isolates, soy functional protein and biochemical feedstuff that are manufactured for industrial users, such as processed food manufacturers and farmers.

Celestial high quality soybean protein-based products, such as health food and beverages and soybean oil, are found in supermarket chains across the PRC, covering over 15,000 supermarkets including major local supermarket and international retail chains such as Walmart, in 29 provinces and over 150 cities in the PRC.

Product Quality is the operating ethos of the business and over the years, they have established a strong reputation as a reliable manufacturer of quality soybean protein-based food products. Our “Sun Moon Star” brand is today a household name in most PRC cities.

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