In Words… the Wedding of Rich Piana and Sara Piana


Rich Piana was over the moon excited about his wedding. Rich Piana and Sara Heimis, are famous for their body fitness clips and advice on social media as well as modeling for photoshoot. They had been dating for a while. This was their day and no one would make it any less. They decided it was going to be unique by embracing who they are. They sealed their commitment to each other by being drawn a tattoo on their left hand, Rich tattoo was written word ‘kings’ with a crown on the letter ‘K’ while Sara tattoo was a written word ‘queen’. The tattoo were stunning and would definitely be a symbol of their love.

Right from the get go you could tell this was going to be a special event to mark their joining together of this two YouTube personalities in splendid wedding. The décor in the venue had the vintage look and it was beau ideal. From the classical décor of diamond embellished tables to clear bowls with a single white lily flower or was set. And the music was classical wedding day music which was in line with the entire theme.

However, surprisingly there was no form of dress code expected and the guest were dressed however they wanted some even in denim. But the groom and bride were definitely happy they came to support and share in their day.

And the groom came into the ballroom as excepted riding, his groom men who were four of his body building partners, on his throne chair. They were unorthodoxly styled with vest and shorts and caps. And he of course was in a half coat and shorts instead of the classic three or two piece tuxedo. But all the same he looked dapper and quite in his own element. The bride’s entourage had short black dresses with bejeweled bustier.

They of course looked sexy and pretty as they ushered in the bride. Sara was lead down the aisle by her brother and she was wearing a simple Haute Couture two strap, maxi and ivory colored wedding dress with her blonde hair pulled back like a ban.

One of their best friend and Rich’s –muscle building buddy officiated the colorful ceremony in a light and humorous way, I would say fashionably Vegas. The couple shared their “I do’s” ceremoniously. Which was all preceded with placement of the rings before the officiator pronounced them man and wife to the crowd.

They shared there first dance to poetic and classic wedding tunes before they were joined by their friends and family on the dance floor. The reception was well attended by their guest who enjoyed an open bar of cocktails and other drinks as well as a lot of amazing food. The had three cakes each two tiers with the same design pattern of simplicity with a single orchid of edible flowers at the top conjoined to another two at the rims of the cake with an edible white ribbon. Just as the cake Rich’s and Sara was day was beyond perfection and cohesively merged their worlds with the first day they would spend as man and wife.