Celestrial NutriFood

directorNestled in the heart of PRC’s soybean agriculture base – Heilongjiang, the northern-most province of China, are the leading manufacturer of a wide range of soybean protein-based food and beverage products. The cool climate conditions, fertilised soil and a pollution-free environment have enabled Heilongjiang to become the largest producer of soybeans in the PRC, producing about 8,000,000 tonnes per annum. Their products are sold under our renowned “Sun Moon Star” brand name and supplied to both the consumer market and to industrial users. Their production facilities are strategically located in Heilongjiang Province. The location advantage allows us to enjoy continuous supply of fresh raw materials with lower transportation cost.

Celestial prides themselves in providing the best service and products to our customers. Their philosophy is to continuously challenge ourselves to achieve excellence and to sustain the growth of our business, maximising returns for our stakeholders.

Celestial prides themselves in the ability to satisfy the needs of the customers, through the use of R&D and the development of their proprietary technology. Their in-house expertise enables to produce protein powders that have a 20% higher protein concentration level; compared to the products available in the market. This has enabled theirs products to be market leaders in their respective segments.