In Words… the Wedding of Rich Piana and Sara Piana


Rich Piana was over the moon excited about his wedding. Rich Piana and Sara Heimis, are famous for their body fitness clips and advice on social media as well as modeling for photoshoot. They had been dating for a while. This was their day and no one would make it any less. They decided it was going to be unique by embracing who they are. They sealed their commitment to each other by being drawn a tattoo on their left hand, Rich tattoo was written word ‘kings’ with a crown on the letter ‘K’ while Sara tattoo was a written word ‘queen’. The tattoo were stunning and would definitely be a symbol of their love. read more

Celestrial NutriFood

directorNestled in the heart of PRC’s soybean agriculture base – Heilongjiang, the northern-most province of China, are the leading manufacturer of a wide range of soybean protein-based food and beverage products. The cool climate conditions, fertilised soil and a pollution-free environment have enabled Heilongjiang to become the largest producer of soybeans in the PRC, producing about 8,000,000 tonnes per annum. Their products are sold under our renowned “Sun Moon Star” brand name and supplied to both the consumer market and to industrial users. Their production facilities are strategically located in Heilongjiang Province. The location advantage allows us to enjoy continuous supply of fresh raw materials with lower transportation cost. read more

Health food & beverages


The products are classified into two categories, namely: retail and industrial. Health food & beverages are primary retail products and these include protein powders, soybean milk powders, and canned beverages.

Protein Powders

Through proprietary manufacturing technology, the protein powders have a much higher protein concentration than those found in natural soybean or soybean milk powder. The protein powder instant beverages come in 40%, 50% and 84.5% protein concentration packaging and are available in different flavours, catering to the different needs and supplement diet requirements of our customers. read more

Read about Soy Proteins

Soy Protein Isolate

Soy protein isolate has the highest content of protein and is a kind of additive used in food manufacturing for its nutritional value and sensorial boost to the food products. It can be used in a wide range of food products such as snacks, processed meat, poultry and fish products, weight loss health drinks, and energy and protein bars.

Soy Functional Protein

Soy functional protein is used in making meat alternatives, surimi, bakery products, cereals, dietary foods, protein drinks and soup bases. It is soluble, low in fats and sugar contents. Soy functional protein also add lustrous to food and is widely used in food processing read more

Leading manufacturer of soybean protein-based food products

nutriEstablished in 1997, Celestial NutriFoods is today a leading manufacturer of soybean protein-based food products. Their manufacturing base is in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, where they operate well-equipped modern manufacturing facilities that are NQA-certified. Their manufacturing plants are located in Lindian, and the Soybean Zone Phase 1 where occupy a land area of approximately 430,000 square meters.

Celestial NutriFoods is the only soybean protein-based product manufacturer in Heilongjiang Province invited to co-develop the first phase of the Hi-Tech Soybean Zone project, initiated by the Daqing Government. This has enabled to expand range of products to include soy functional protein, biochemical feedstuff and lecithin. read more